These summaries were prepared by McGuireWoods LLP lawyer Thomas E. Spahn. They are based on the letter opinions issued by the Virginia State Bar. Any editorial comments reflect Mr. Spahn's current personal views, and not the opinions of the Virginia State Bar, McGuireWoods or its clients. 
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5-Lawyers Changing Jobs

22-Interviews with Prospective Clients

31-Protecting and Disclosing Confidences and Secrets

Legal aid society lawyers who are involved in client intake and advice must maintain the confidentiality of what they have learned. “It is irrelevant whether or not an attorney-client relationship ensued” as a result of any client intake interviews, and it is also “irrelevant whether or not the attorneys actually remember” the confidential information imparted to them. When the lawyers move to another legal aid society, their former employer must provide access to the files of clients they formerly represented. It is also necessary for the lawyers to obtain information about their previous work so that they can perform conflicts checks at their new employer.

Copyright 2000, Thomas E. Spahn